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Update Menu, add complaining about Zola, add web chals for SMC3

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# Welcome to my home!
If you're here for my contact info, you can
[email me here]( If you want to reach out to me
another way, I'm most reachable on
[GitHub](, and
## What is this place?
This website is where I will put information about various topics that I'm
currently exploring. This could be anything, really -- just whatever I feel like
putting up here. You can see the categories of topics on the left.
## Who are you, anyways?
My name is Addison Crump. I'm a student at Texas A&M University working towards
a major in Computer Science with a minor in Cybersecurity.
Outside of academia, I have several years of experience as a programmer, a
systems administrator, a security analyst, and a pentester. More information is
available about each of these activities in their respective sections.
# Don't go here; go [here](!
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Just to be clear: this is lumping together both spoken and programming
languages. Not that I expect to have that many entries about the former.
## What's in here?
title = "Zola"
transparent = true
Zola, the static site generator I use, tends to end up with some tomfoolery occurring.
In this section, you get to see my extensive pain and suffering while using this delightful tool. :)
Oh, and if you want to suffer too: go and [get zola](!
title = "Shortcode Wizardry"
transparent = true
Or: How I Came to Hate Template Languages Even More
### Templates in Zola
Templates in Zola are based off of Tera templates, with a couple of key differences.
For example, while writing [a post on template injection](../../../security/ctfs/smc3/wh02), I injected myself because
the [comment syntax is different](
Stuff like this is pretty common. But I also had to rewrite the menu for my website because its definitions for what is
and what isn't a subsection are shaky at best.
I invite you to review that git commit once I've committed this one.
title = "CTFs"
transparent = true
I have to make this page. Do quite a few CTFs, but most of them I couldn't post write-ups for.
That changed.
### CTFs
Here lies my write-ups, or at least some of them. Don't judge me too much -- I wrote code hastily hastily and
explanations lazily.
title = "SMC3"
transparent = true
SMC3 was put on by the University of North Georgia and sponsored by SANS as a means to test the
capabilities of mixed-discipline ROTC students.
I am not a ROTC student -- but I'll never turn down the opportunity to compete with some military
The flyer that was sent out to us is below if you want to get a more accurate idea.
<p><iframe src="SMC3.pdf" width="100%" height="500px"></iframe></p>
Below are a list of write-ups for your viewing pleasure:
- Web
- [we01](we01)
- [we04](we04)
- [wm01](wm01)
- [wm02](wm02)
- [wm03](wm03)
- [wh01](wh01)
- [wh02](wh02)
- [wh03](wh03)
- [wx01](wx01)
- Forensics
- [fe01](fe01)
- [fe02](fe02)
- [fe03](fe03)
- [fe04](fe04)
- [fm01](fm01)
- Networking
- [ne01](ne01)
- [nm01](nm01)
- Binary Exploitation
- [be01](be01)
- [be02](be02)
- [bm01](bm01)
- [bh01](bh01)
- [bh02](bh02)
- [bh03](bh03)
- [bx01](bx01)
- Crypto
- [ce01](ce01)
- [ce02](ce02)
- [ce03](ce03)
- [ce04](ce04)
title = "be01"
transparent = true
title = "be02"
transparent = true
title = "bh01"
transparent = true
title = "bh02"
transparent = true
title = "bh03"
transparent = true
title = "bm01"
transparent = true
title = "bx01"
transparent = true
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