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      [6] Implemented a framework for dependency handling in *-target-config.cmake · 07686eba
      Innokentiy Alaytsev authored
      The framework consists of two parts: a set of variables to control dependency
      handling and the *-target-config.cmake.in template file.
      The control variables are:
       * FIND_TARGET_DEPENDENCIES - the contents of the variable are used to find
         dependencies of the target.
         variable are used to apply the targets dependencies with calls to the
         include_directories() and link_libraries() functions.
       * TARGET_APPLY_IMPORTED_TARGET_DEPENDENCIES - the contents of the variable are
         used to apply dependencies to the imported target.
      The FIND_TARGET_DEPENDENCIES variable is always used.
      of the original project are built. This is useful for tests and examples:
      instead of relying on the presence of the original target these projects may use
      find_package() to find the target. The main advantage of it is that it allows
      checking if the main target is properly exported and imported.
      The TARGET_APPLY_IMPORTED_TARGET_DEPENDENCIES variable is used when the target
      is actually imported after being found by the find_package() or
      find_dependency() function.
      The *-target-config.cmake.in implements application of the appropriate set of
      Signed-off-by: Innokentiy Alaytsev's avatarInnokentiy Alaytsev <[email protected]>
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      Introdused an option to controll development files installation · 62273e7e
      Innokentiy Alaytsev authored
      When building INTERFACE_LIBRARY target, it may desirable to control whether to
      install its development files or not. None of the previously available options
      did allow that.
      Signed-off-by: Innokentiy Alaytsev's avatarInnokentiy Alaytsev <[email protected]>
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