Commit f29a4504 authored by Amosar's avatar Amosar

move this file

parent 45eed4b5
version: 0.2
#Nombre maximal de clignotement de redstone autorise pendant la periode "Delay"
MaxImpulsion: 150
#Temp (en secondes) avant de reset la premiere variable
Delay: 300
#Faut t'il prevenir un admin?
NotifyAdmins: true
#ecrire le texte a mettre dans les panneauxs
Line1: 'Les boucles de'
Line2: 'redstone'
Line3: 'sont'
Line4: '&4Interdite!'
IgnoreWorlds: redstoneWorld/survie
prefix: '&bAntiRedstoneClock &9&l> &r&b '
error: '&4AntiRedstoneClock &l> &r&c '
no_permission: '&4Erreur &9&l> &r&bYou dont have permission to do that!'
command_use: '&4SnowBallWar &l> &r&cCommand usage: &6/arc $commande'
MsgToAdmin: 'Redstone clock disable in x:$X y:$Y Z:$Z. In the world $World'
unknownCmd: 'Unknown command. Type "/help" for help.'
reloadSuccess: 'Reload Success!'
duplicate_object: 'This list already contains this redstone'
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