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Add planned contributions and development log

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......@@ -50,3 +50,11 @@ powershell cmd/pre-commit.ps1 || bash cmd/
There doesn't see to be a good way to dry-run the pre-commit hook. (`git commit --dry-run` doesn't run it.)
Either invoke `powershell cmd/pre-commit.ps1` directly or use PowerShell ISE or just commit stuff.
## Studying
See `git log` and [development notes](doc/
## Contributing
See [planned contributions](doc/
#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo "Hello from WSL?"
echo "See doc/tasks about the planned decision whether to invoke the PowerShell script here or to rewrite it in Bash here"
# Notes
> Development log.
## 2017-12-31
Implemented a draft solution for tracking XML changes in modern Office files format.
`git log` from today will reveal all the struggle because I used `git commit` to test the pre-commit hook for posterity.
# Tasks
> Planned development:
- Extend the pre-commit PowerShell script to process all modern Office files in repository, not just `Title.docx`
- Decide whether to require PowerShell on Unix also or rewrite the PowerShell pre-commit hook in Bash for that
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