Commit cda180d9 authored by Tomáš Hübelbauer's avatar Tomáš Hübelbauer

Try WSL with full path

parent 1b819f39
......@@ -16,6 +16,8 @@ Since the pre-commit hook will run as a Bash script through MinGW, but we can't
On Windows 10, we can invoke `bash` which will pick up the default WSL distro (learn about managing distros using [`wslconfig`]( to see how to change the default) and we can have that execute our commands. So we can write a Unix script and use that on both Windows and Unix. Problem is, `bash` in MinGW will map to MinGW Bash. `bash.exe` to MinGW Bash, too. I have not had success invoking `bash.exe` so that it actually runs WSL and not MinGW Bash. I managed to somehow not make it work even with full `bash.exe` path (trouble passing script there). One could try and invoke a specific distro directly (`ubuntu` or `opensuse-42`), but that gives a *Permission denied* error as of now because the distro paths go to system & hidden perm'd folder in Windows.
One last alias for `bash.exe` we could use is `wsl`, but while that works fine in Batch and PowerShell, MinGW doesn't run it.
So yeah, we need to settle for PowerShell.
We're using the [bash shebang]( because we rely on `bash` anyway so `sh` won't cut it.
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