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Verify PowerShell works on Ubuntu

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- Windows: 10.0.16299+ (`Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_OperatingSystem | Select-Object Version`)
- Unix: 4.4.0+ (`uname -r`)
- Windows: 10.0.16299+ (`cmd -c ver`)
- Ubuntu: 16.0.0+ (`lsb-release -r`)
## Running
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> Development log.
## 2018-01-02 continued
Using WSL (Ubuntu) to test portability of the PowerShell script.
Use `lsb_release -a` to find WSL Ubuntu version and use
[PowerShell Linux installation instructions](
to find matching instructions.
Script runs fucking flawlessly, yeah!
## 2018-01-02
Implemented tests by the way of generating Word, Excel, PowerPoint files and running the script on them, then checking
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> Planned development:
## Verify PowerShell script runs okay on non-Windows PowerShell
I suspect there will be a problem with relying on the XML functionality which is likely to be missing when not on Windows (is .NET).
## Add more tests of varying complexity for all of Word, Excel and PowerPoint
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