Commit b7c31498 authored by Tomáš Hübelbauer's avatar Tomáš Hübelbauer

Add descriptions to test ideas

parent 8e121f4d
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> Planned development:
## Add a test for the skip file if unchanged logic
## Add a test for the skipping unchanged files
## Add a test that checks for the presence of the generated warning
- Run normal test
- Remember the file change date of the text file
- Run test again
- Verify the date has not changed
## Add a test for generated warnings
- Run a normal test
- Verify `` exists and matches expected text
- Verify text file first line is the warning text
- Verify corresponding XML file has the XML comment
## Add a test for disposing of abandoned extraction directories
- Run a normal test
- Delete the Office file
- Run the script again
- Confirm directory doesn't exist anymore
## Add a test for the Git hook code
- Create the Office file
- Set up the Git hook (extract hook code out form the `` file)
- Run Git commit
- Verify extraction directory has been created and text file matches
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