Commit 9fa99733 authored by Tomáš Hübelbauer's avatar Tomáš Hübelbauer

Distinguish powershell and pwsh commands

parent d255663a
......@@ -58,7 +58,15 @@ code .git/hooks/pre-commit
#!/usr/bin/env bash
powershell cmd/version-office-files.ps1
if [ command -v powershell ]
powershell cmd/version-office-files.ps1
then [ command -v pwsh ]
pwsh cmd/version-office-files.ps1
echo "PowerShell is not installed."
Observe commit diffs to see Office file changes in the XML and TXT files.
......@@ -3,5 +3,3 @@
> Planned development:
## Add more tests of varying complexity for all of Word, Excel and PowerPoint
## Figure out how to handle PowerShell being `powershell` on Windows and `pwsh` on Linux
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