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Try bash instead of ubuntu to see about permissions

parent d98e54a8
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ An experiment in tracking versions of DOCX files in Git.
Implemented in this repo.
[Git hooks](
[Learn about Git hooks here.](
cd .git/hooks
......@@ -16,14 +16,17 @@ cp pre-commit.sample pre-commit
code pre-commit
Git on Windows installs its own Bash. To be able to use `7z` from there we need to add its package to MinGW.
I'm on Windows and I'm using the default Git for Windows installer.
This installed installs its own Bash for Git powered by MinGW.
Unfortunately everything about MinGW sucks and it is a piece of shit that should not exist.
Initially I thought I could just install the `z7` package to MinGW, but then I remembered MinGW is a worthless piece of crap.
That's why we'll use either PowerShell of WSL (in our case the Ubuntu distribution) instead of fighting MinGW!
I tried invoking `ubuntu` to utilize WSL on Windows 10, but it failed with *Permission denied* error.
- `ubuntu` gives me *Permission denied*
- `powershell`
I tried invoking `powershell` and it works, but like WSL is locked to Windows only.
Powershell can be installed for Linux as well and the PowerShell package could probably be added to MinGW to make it portable, but see above.
I tried invoking `bash` and ?
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