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Rethink and document the approach to tests

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## Add tests
- Add `test` folder
- Add Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
- Add `.git.chk` directory for "expected"
- Add a script for generating `.git` directories in `test` only for "actual" and running dir diff and checking for no differences
- Use [officegen](https://www.npmjs.com/package/officegen) to generate files in a temp directory
- Insert spans with various formatting options depending on the format kind
- Run the PowerShell script on the generated files
- Check the text-only generated files to see if captured spans are there
- Also test checking for unchanged files etc.
`node --experimental-modules test.mjs`
// https://www.npmjs.com/package/officegen
import codegen from 'codegen';
const word = codegen('0133…');
// Change `on('finalize') and on('error') to deferred promises to utilize `async`/`await`
## Verify PowerShell script runs okay on non-Windows PowerShell
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