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Update features and limitations

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......@@ -23,14 +23,17 @@ The XML diff captures the exact change whereas the TXT diff captures text-only c
- Every Office file (DOCX, XLSX, PPTS) has complementary `.git` directory with XML and TXT files for diffing
- Formatting XML files for nicer diffing
- Generating TXT files from just text nodes for lossy text-only diffing
- Warning in extracted and generated content about read-onliness of the data
- Skipping processing unchanged files for fast operation even in repos with many Office files
- Removing associated generated content automatically for Office files that have been removed from the repo
- Ability to run as a Git hook for worry free tracking
- Stores compressed *and* uncompressed versions in Git
- No way to prevent getting compressed and uncompressed version out of sync, still independent writeable files and can forget pre-commit hook
- Only supports the new XML-based formats, not the old binary ones
- Online editing at GitHub/GitLab won't (obviously) run the pre-commit hook
- Stores compressed *and* uncompressed versions in Git - by design, for plain text diffing and binary source of truth
- No support for DOC, XLS and PPT, only XLSX, DOCX and PPTX (XML based formats) - by design, no use diffing binary formats
- Risk of getting generated files out of sync if hook is not run or a manual edit is made to the generated files
- Won't process files uploaded to repository through GitHub/GitLab online UI (no pre-commit hook)
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