Commit 4677cc68 authored by Tomáš Hübelbauer's avatar Tomáš Hübelbauer

Add my findings on NPX purpose and usage

parent c7b90f19
- [ ] Explore
It's supposed to ship with NPM itself:
But in my case I had to install it globally.
- [ ] Find out why it didn't install with NPM for me - is it because of NVM for Windows?
NPX replaces this:
- Installing things globally (what if you need two versions?)
- Invoking things from `node-modules/.bin` (it's too chatty)
- Invoking things using `scripts`
- In the script body `node-modules/.bin/x` can be used
- Also directly `x` can be used as NPM `scripts` understand `node-modules/.bin`
- Creating bash files and shit
- `npx x` invokes `x` in `node-modules/.bin`
- `x` can work directly with some shell fallback things
- Explore this in WSL - maybe also in PowerShell?
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