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Document how to create a new non-default app with a DB and HTTPS

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# Dokku
- [ ] See if .NET Core can be hosted on Dokku
- [ ] See if removing Bloggo and redoing it as a non-default app, then changing it to default app will enable it to work with Let's Encrypt
- [x] Figure out how to deploy a database powered application to a Dokku subdomain without disrupting the default application
- [x] Follow [the docs](
- [x] Create a [new application]( (in this case a Node application)
- [x] Shell to the host and run `dokku apps:create agenda`
- [x] `sudo dokku plugin:install` to install Postgres
- [x] Verify the default app still works
- [x] `dokku postgres:create agenda-db` and note down the details
- [x] `dokku postgres:link agenda-db agenda` and note the env var name and value
- [x] Go back to local and `cd` into the application directory: `cd agenda`
- [x] `git remote add dokku` to add a Dokku remote for the app (can check the remote in the default app)
- [x] `wsl` to switch to Windows Subsystem for Linux because that's where the key is from when the default app was created
- [x] `git push dokku master`
- [x] Check the app runs at [``](
- [x] Ensure the default app at [``]( still works
- [x] `dokku config:set --no-restart agenda`
- [x] `dokku letsencrypt agenda`
- [x] Check the app runs at [``]( redirects to HTTPS
- [x] Ensure the app runs at [``](
- [x] Ensure the default app at [``]( still works
- [x] Update the app to connect to Postgres
- [commit](
- [errata](
- [docs]( (the environment variables is from the above)
- [x] `wsl`
- [x] `git push dokku master`
- [x] Ensure the app runs at [``]( and shows *Hello World* form the Postgres query
- [x] Ensure the default app at [``]( still works
- [x] Rejoyce
Dokku is a self-hosted alternative to Heroku that allows one to just `git push dokku master` like with Heroku and have apps up in seconds.
It uses [herokuish]( to simulate the Heroku build and deployment.
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