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- [ViewTheDocs](
- [GitHub](
- [ ] See if HTTPS works with Dokku (LE)
## Preparing
Either [set up a server accessible through a public IP](,
or reinstall an existing Wedos VPS.
Create a public-private keypair.
Or use an existing public-private keypair. Make sure you know its passphrase.
## Installing
- [Set up a server accessible through a public IP](
- Possible to also restart the Wedos VPS to clean Ubuntu 16.04
- `ssh root@#.#.#.#`
- `wget;sudo DOKKU_TAG=v0.11.4 bash`
- Wait for a couple of minutes as the installation progresses
- Go to the domain name or IP associated with the Dokku server
- Create a public key or find it as `cat ~/.ssh/`
- Finish the installation
- [Follow the deployment tutorial](
- `ssh root@`
- `wget`
- `sudo DOKKU_TAG=v0.11.4 bash`
- Wait…
- Go to [](
- Enter the public key from `~/.ssh/`
- Check using virtual hosts (so that apps have their own subdomains)
- `dokku apps:create bloggo` (on the server)
- `git remote add dokku` (on the client)
- `git push dokku master`
- Enter the passphrase for the public-private keypair
- [Study the deployment tutorial further](
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