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Add a tip for running TypeScript on Dokku

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- [ ] See about the [Let's Encrypt issue]( resolution
- [ ] Figure out how to [deploy apps to subdomains](
## Tips
Running TypeScript applications on Dokku without any Procfiles can be achieved by running this in `start`:
tsc -p . && node src/index.js`
This will compile TypeScript to JavaScript (in the Dokku container only) and then run JavaScript.
It may be necessary to also run this once on the server:
dokku config:set --no-restart bloggo DOKKU_DEFAULT_CHECKS_WAIT=60
This is so that TSC has time to build and Node to start, the default 10 seconds is very low for that.
## Preparing
- Get a Ubuntu 16.04 VPS, e.g.: [Node Ubuntu VPS](,
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