Commit b752d6a8 authored by Tommy Ang's avatar Tommy Ang 🤣

Fix /home back behavior

parent 4c40092e
......@@ -825,12 +825,12 @@ command /home [<text>]:
message "&cYou do not have a home set yet, set one with &f/sethome"
if {pe.home.%player%} is set:
set {pe.back.%player%} to location of player
teleport player to {pe.home.%player%}
if {language.%player%} is "chinese":
message "&b被传送到您的家温馨的家"
if {language.%player%} is "english":
message "&bTeleported to your home sweet home"
set {pe.back.%player%} to location of player
if arg 1 is "confirm":
if {pe.changehome.%player%} is 1:
......@@ -1191,7 +1191,7 @@ on quit:
remove player from {pe.sleep::*}
on server ping:
set the motd to "&eRammyCraft RP &9v1.15.2-1 &6"
set the motd to "&eRammyCraft RP &9v1.15.2-2 &6"
#set the motd to "&eRammyCraft RP &aAlpha &9v1120.0 &6Feedback is welcomed!"
#set the motd to "&eServer undergoing host transfer maintenance"
#set the motd to "&eServer undergoing maintenance"
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