Commit b0156982 authored by Tommy Ang's avatar Tommy Ang 🤣

Update help info

parent 3917d9fd
......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ command /potatotown <text="help"> [<text>]:
message "&6-------------------Potato Town (&e3&6/&e5&6)-------------------"
message "&e/ptown prinvite <player> - &aAdd player from different town as PR"
message "&e/ptown prkick <player> - &aRemove player's PR status"
message "&e/ptown prflag <build/break> - &aFlags to allow PRs interactions"
message "&e/ptown prflag <build/break/interact> - &aFlags to allow PRs interactions"
message "&e/ptown desc <text> - &aChanges the description of the town"
message "&e/ptown sethome - &aSet the town's home to where you stand"
message "&e/ptown home - &aTeleport to your town's home location"
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ command /potatotown <text="help"> [<text>]:
message "&6-------------------Potato Town (&e4&6/&e5&6)-------------------"
message "&3&l&oPotatoTown Flag Guide"
message "&e/ptown flag <flag> - &aToggle Flag Option"
message "&e&oAvailable flags - &a&oFire, ff "
message "&e&oAvailable flags - &a&oFire, ff, explosion"
message ""
message "&aGreen &e- Action allowed"
message "&cRed &e- Action disabled"
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