Commit 9aa35dd3 authored by Óscar Nájera's avatar Óscar Nájera

altacv entry divider skip on last-sibling

parent 849b7aa8
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......@@ -204,14 +204,15 @@ as a communication channel."
(to-date (org-element-property :TO headline))
(title (org-export-data (org-element-property :title headline) info))
(employer (org-element-property :EMPLOYER headline))
(location (or (org-element-property :LOCATION headline) "")))
(format "\n\\cvevent{%s}{%s}{%s}{%s}%s\n\\divider"
(location (or (org-element-property :LOCATION headline) ""))
(divider (if (org-export-last-sibling-p headline info) "" "\\divider")))
(format "\n\\cvevent{%s}{%s}{%s}{%s}%s\n%s"
(concat (org-altacv-timestamp-to-shortdate from-date)
" -- "
(org-altacv-timestamp-to-shortdate to-date))
location contents)))
location contents divider)))
;;;; Headline
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