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#####[ Build Custom FreeDOS Boot ISO ]#####
Modify FreeDOS ISO image to run DOS .exe files like BIOS updates, HDD diagnostics, etc.
| Instructions
Grab the repo:
git clone
cd freedos-custom-iso
Download and prepare the base ISO image:
curl -O
sudo mount -o ro fdbasecd.iso /mnt
rsync -avSP /mnt/* image/
sudo umount /mnt
# patch to exit the installer early
patch -p0 < setup.patch
Drop files into image/extras/. Best to pre-extract zip files.
Recreate the ISO:
# Install mkisolinux and use:
(cd image; sudo ./
Burn the ISO, for example with wodim:
# Install cdrkit and use:
wodim -v -data -eject freedos_custom.iso
Test with:
# Install qemu and use:
qemu-system-i386 -cdrom freedos_custom.iso
| Credit
Based on Sean Reifschneider's article on
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