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      Add bullshit device tree stubs. · 1c04dda1
      Jonathan Clavin authored
      LG's 4.2 aboot searches for
      before booting the kernel; and it will explicitly fail to boot if they aren't
      present, as defined somewhere in their aboot source. This will appease the
      4.2 bootloader and allow us to boot a kernel built on 4.4 sources.
      The 4.4 aboot will also append:
      "mdss_mdp.panel=1:dsi:0:qcom,mdss_dsi_g2_lgd_cmd" to kernel's command line, so
      adding the above to the BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE in the device folder is necessary
      to get the panel to work. (Thanks to xda user garyd9 for pulling /proc/cmdline)
      A big thank you to Dan Rosenberg (djrbliss) for loki (the exploit that allows
      for custom boot images)
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      D800 KK Source Upload · 5d33a7ad
      dr87 authored