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......@@ -26,12 +26,7 @@ I have used Apache Airflow. Google offers Apache Airflow as-a-service via its C
- reference:
1. How are Airflow variables set?
- The Airflow Web UI is accessible so variables can be set there.
- Also via gcloud:
gcloud composer environments run jon-airflow-poc \
--location us-central1 variables -- \
- See example below for setting via `gcloud` cli.
1. What functionality is beta vs released?
- Need to look into...
1. What GCP components are created?
......@@ -90,7 +85,10 @@ gcloud beta composer environments update jon-airflow-poc \
# Local Development
1. Does Google provide a Docker Image already to launch their flavor of Airflow locally?
1. How to launch Apache Airflow (aka Cloud Composer)?
- Can a local instance be created that's "close enough" to Cloud Composer? The idea here is to enable local development for fast iterations over code.
1. How to launch Apache Beam (aka GCP Dataflow)?
1. How to launch Apache Spark (aka GCP Dataproc)?
1. What utils exist within Cloud Composer?
- Example: The `bq` cli is available so that's something I would want to build into my locally running Airflow instance.
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