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    Update to v095r02 release. · b42ab2fc
    Screwtape authored
    byuu says:
    Aspect correction is fixed now. Works way better than in v095 official.
    It's still force-enabled in fullscreen mode. The idea of disabling it is
    that it looks bad at 2x scale. But when you're fullscreen with a minimum
    of 4x scale, there's no reason not to enable it.
    It won't turn on at all for GB/C/A anymore. And I dropped the cute
    attempt at making the aspect prettier on 2560x1600 monitors, so it'll be
    the stock 8:7 across the board now for S/NES.
    Also, the aspect correction will affect the window even when a game's
    not loaded now, so the size won't bounce around as you change games in
    windowed mode between GB/C/A and S/NES.
    I also enhanced the ruby/glx driver. It won't crash if OpenGL 3.2 isn't
    available anymore (fails safely ... had to capture the Xlib error
    handler to suppress that), and it defaults to the MESA glXSwapInterval
    before the SGI version. Because apparently the MESA version defines the
    SGI version, but makes it a no-op. What. The. Fuck. right? But whatever,
    reordering the enumerations fixes the ability to toggle Vsync on AMD
    GPUs now.
    Video shaders are back again. If you are using the OpenGL driver, you'll
    see a "Video Shaders" menu beneath the "Video Filters" menu (couldn't
    merge it with the filters due to hiro now constructing menu ordering
    inside the header files. This works fine though.)
    You want either "higan.exe" + "Video Shaders/" or "~/.local/bin/tomoko"
    + "~/.local/tomoko/Video Shaders/"
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