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    Update to v103r32 release. · 55f19c3e
    Screwtape authored
    byuu says:
      - Master System: merged Bus into CPU
      - Mega Drive: merged BusCPU into CPU; BusAPU into AU
      - Mega Drive: added TMSS emulation; disabled by default [hex\_usr]
          - VDP lockout not yet emulated
      - processor/arm7tdmi: renamed interrupt() to exception()
      - processor/arm7tdmi: CPSR.F (FIQ disable) flag is set on reset
      - processor/arm7tdmi: pipeline decode stage caches CPSR.T (THUMB mode)
          - fixes `msr_tests.gba` test F
      - processor/arm7tdmi/disassembler: add PC address to left of currently
        executing instruction
      - processor/arm7tdmi: stop forcing CPSR.M (mode flags) bit 4 high (I
        don't know what really happens here)
      - processor/arm7tdmi: undefined instructions now generate Undefined
        0x4 exception
      - processor/arm7tdmi: thumbInstructionAddRegister masks PC by &~3
        instead of &~2
          - hopefully this is correct; &~2 felt very wrong
      - processor/arm7tdmi: thumbInstructionStackMultiple can use sequential
        timing for PC/LR PUSH/POP [Cydrak]
      - systems/Mega Drive.sys: added tmss.rom; enable with cpu version=1
      - tomoko: detect when a ruby video/audio/input driver crashes higan;
        disable it on next program startup
    v104 blockers:
      - Mega Drive: support 8-bit SRAM (even if we don't support 16-bit;
        don't force 8-bit to 16-bit)
      - Mega Drive: add region detection support to icarus
      - ruby: add default audio device information so certain drivers won't
        default to silence out of the box
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