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    Update to v104r10 release. · 28060d3a
    Screwtape authored
    byuu says:
      - processor/upd96050: per manual errata note, SGN always uses SA1;
        never SB1 [fixes v104r09 regression]
      - processor/upd96050: new OV1/S1 calculation that doesn't require OV0
        history buffer [AWJ]
      - processor/upd96050: do not update DP in OP if DST=4 [Jonas Quinn]
      - processor/upd96050: do not update RP in OP if DST=5 [Jonas Quinn]
      - resource: recreated higan+icarus icons, higan logo as 32-bit PNGs
    So higan v104r08 and earlier were 930KiB for the source tarball. After
    creating new higan and icarus icons, the size jumped to 1090KiB, which
    was insane for only adding one additional icon.
    After digging into why, I discovered that ImageMagick defaults to
    64-bit!! (16-bits per channel) PNG images when converting from SVG.
    You know, for all those 16-bit per channel monitors that don't exist.
    Sigh. Amazingly, nobody ever noticed this.
    The logo went from 78.8KiB to 24.5KiB, which in turn also means the
    generated resource.cpp shrank dramatically.
    The old higan icon was 32-bit PNG, because it was created before I
    installed FreeBSD and switched to ImageMagick. But the new higan icon,
    plus the new icarus icon, were both 64-bit as well. And they're now
    So the new tarball size, thanks to the logo optimization, dropped to
    Cydrak had some really interesting results in converting higan's
    resources to 8-bit palletized PNGs with the tRNS extension for alpha
    transparency. It reduces the file sizes even more without much visual
    fidelity loss. Eg the higan logo uses 778 colors currently, and 256
    represents nearly all of it very well to the human eye. It's based off
    of only two colors, the rest are all anti-aliasing. Unfortunately,
    nall/image doesn't support this yet, and I didn't want to flatten the
    higan logo to not have transparency, in case I ever want to change the
    about screen background color.
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