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    Update to v096r01 release. · 47d4bd4d
    Screwtape authored
    byuu says:
    - restructured the project and removed a whole bunch of old/dead
      directives from higan/GNUmakefile
    - huge amounts of work on hiro/cocoa (compiles but ~70% of the
      functionality is commented out)
    - fixed a masking error in my ARM CPU disassembler [Lioncash]
    - SFC: decided to change board cic=(411,413) back to board
      region=(ntsc,pal) ... the former was too obtuse
    If you rename Boolean (it's a problem with an include from ruby, not
    from hiro) and disable all the ruby drivers, you can compile an
    OS X binary, but obviously it's not going to do anything.
    It's a boring WIP, I just wanted to push out the project structure
    change now at the start of this WIP cycle.
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