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    Update to v104r14 release. · fbc58c70
    Screwtape authored
    byuu says:
      - Emulator::Interface::videoResolution() -\> VideoResolution renamed
        to videoInformation() -\> VideoInformation
      - added double VideoInformation::refreshRate
      - higan: added `binary := (application|library)` — set this to
        `library` to produce a dynamic link library
      - higan: removed `-march=native` for macOS application builds; and for
        all library builds
      - higan: removed `console` build flag; uncomment  `link += -mwindows`
      - nall/GNUmakefile: `macosx` platform renamed `macos`
          - still need to do this for nall/intrinsics.hpp
      - Game Gear: return region=NTSC as the only option, so that the system
        frequency is always set correctly
      - hiro/cocoa: fixed typo [Sintendo]
      - hiro/Windows: removed GetDpiForMonitor, as it's Windows 8+ only; DPI
        is no longer per-monitor aware
      - icarus: core Icarus class now has virtual functions for
        directory::create, <file::exists>, <file::copy>, <file::write>
      - icarus: Sufami Turbo can import save RAM files now
      - icarus: setting `ICARUS_LIBRARY` define will compile icarus without
        main(), GUI components
      - ruby/video/Direct3D: choose the current monitor instead of top-left
        monitor for fullscreen exclusive [Cydrak]
      - ruby/video/Direct3D: do not set `WS_EX_TOPMOST` on fullscreen
        exclusive window [Cydrak]
          - this isn't necessary for exclusive mode, and it just makes
            getting out of the application more difficult
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