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    Update to v104r04 release. · d621136d
    Screwtape authored
    byuu says:
      - higan/emulator: added new Random class with three entropy settings:
        none, low, and high
      - md/vdp: corrected Vcounter readout in interlace mode [MoD]
      - sfc: updated core to use the new Random class; defaults to high
    No entropy essentially returns 0, unless the random.bias(n) function is
    called, in which case, it returns n. In this case, n is meant to be the
    "logical/ideal" default value that maximizes compatibility with games.
    Low entropy is a very simple entropy modeled after RAM initialization
    striping patterns (eg 32 0x00s, followed by 32 0xFFs, repeating
    throughout.) It doesn't "glitch" like real hardware does on rare
    occasions (parts of the pattern being broken from time to time.) It also
    only really returns 0 or ~0. So the entropy is indeed extremely low, and
    not very useful at all for detecting bugs. Over time, we can try to
    improve this, of course.
    High entropy is PCG. This replaces the older, lower-entropy and more
    predictable, LFSR. PCG should be more than enough for emulator
    randomness, while still being quite fast.
    Unfortunately, the bad news ... both no entropy and low entropy fix the
    Konami logo popping sound in Prince of Persia, but all three entropy
    settings still cause the distortion in-game, especially evident at the
    title screen. So ... this may be a more serious bug than first
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