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    Update to v104r05 release. · b38a6571
    Screwtape authored
    byuu says:
      - emulator/random: new array function with more realistic RAM
      - emulator/random: both low and high entropy register initializations
        now use PCG
      - gba/player: rumble will time out and disable after being left on for
        500ms; fixes Pokemon Pinball issue
      - ruby/input/udev: fixed rumble effects [ma\_rysia]
      - sfc/system: default to low-entropy randomization of memory
    The low-entropy memory randomization is modeled after one of my SHVC
    2/1/3 systems. It generates striped patterns in memory, using random
    inputs (biased to 0x00/0xff), and has a random chance of corrupting 1-2
    bits of random values in the pool of memory (to prevent easy emulator
    detection and to match observed results on hardware.)
    The reasoning for using PCG on register initializations, is that I don't
    believe they're going to have repeating patterns like RAM does anyway.
    And register initializations are way more vital.
    I want to have the new low-entropy RAM mode tested, so at least for the
    next few WIPs, I've set the SNES randomization over to low-entropy.
    We'll have to have a long discussion and decide whether we want official
    releases to use high-entropy or low-entropy.
    Also, I figured out the cause of the Prince of Persia distortion ... I
    had the volume under the audio settings tab set to 200%. I didn't
    realize there were SNES games that clipped so easily, given how
    incredibly weak SNES audio is compared to every other sound source on my
    PC. So with no entropy or low-entropy, indeed the game now sounds just
    I can't actually test the udev fixes, so I guess we'll see how that goes
    for Screwtape and ma\_rysia.
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