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    Update to v103r21 release. · 80841dea
    Screwtape authored
    byuu says:
      - gb: added TAMA emulation [thanks to endrift for the initial notes]
      - gb: save RTC memory to disk (MBC3 doesn't write to said memory yet;
        TAMA doesn't emulate it yet)
      - gb: expect MMM01 boot loader to be at end of ROM instead of start
      - gb: store MBC2 save RAM as 256-bytes (512x4-bit) instead of
        512-bytes (with padding)
      - gb: major cleanups to every cartridge mapper; moved to Mapper class
        instead of MMIO class
      - gb: don't serialize all mapper states with every save state; only
        serialize the active mapper
      - gb: serialize RAM even if a battery isn't present¹
      - gb/cartridge: removed unnecessary code; refactored other code to
        eliminate duplication of functions
      - icarus: improve GB(C) heuristics generation to not include filenames
        for cartridges without battery backup
      - icarus: remove incorrect rearrangement of MMM01 ROM data
      - md/vdp: fix CRAM reads -- fixes Sonic Spinball colors [hex\_usr]
      - tomoko: hide the main higan window when entering fullscreen
        exclusive mode; helps with multi-monitor setups
      - tomoko: destroy ruby drivers before calling Application::quit()
      - libco: add settings.h and defines to fiber, ucontext [Screwtape]
    ¹: this is one of those crystal clear indications that nobody's
    actually playing the higan DMG/CGB cores, or at least not with save
    states. This was a major mistake.
    Note: I can't find any official documentation that `GL_ALPHA_TEST` was
    removed from OpenGL 3.2. Since it's not hurting anything except showing
    some warnings in debug mode, I'm just going to leave it there for now.
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