1. 25 Oct, 2017 5 commits
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      Add icarus to LICENSE.txt · f53cb33e
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      Update version and license · 9e06857e
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      Added LICENSE.txt and GPLv3.txt. Also updated libco documentation.
      After discussion with byuu, libco gets a more specific ISC license
      to match nall, ruby and hiro. higan, as clarified in LICENSE.txt,
      continues to be GPL version 3 only (no "or later" clause).
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      Fixed: Typo in SPC700 instruction table · e28aa323
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      Per Screwtape and Jonas Quinn, this fixes 魔獣王 (Majuu Ou)
      hanging at the title.
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      Fixed: Restore SPC7110 and S-RTC time properly · a9571ff5
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      Loading and unloading the RTC is a little odd, since it's normally
      always powered in the first place. What we want, and what the load()
      functions really do, is to resync using the saved timestamps or
      reset it. unload() proper doesn't do anything.
      However, an interface refactoring after v098 reordered the above
      operations, and this (along with a typo, shh!) was causing the already
      synced time to be cleared.
      I've added checks so that whenever rtc.ram can't be found, load() gets
      called with empty arguments to initialise the defaults (like putting
      in a fresh battery).
  2. 23 Oct, 2017 1 commit
  3. 08 Oct, 2017 8 commits
  4. 07 Oct, 2017 2 commits
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      Update to v105 release. · f8e71b50
      Screwtape authored
      byuu says:
      This release provides several major improvements to Mega Drive emulation
      which enhances compatibility a good deal. It also includes important
      Super Famicom mosaic emulation improvements, plus a much-needed SuperFX
      save state issue fix.
      Changelog (since v104):
        - higan: many improvements to Emulator::Interface to support
        - higan: refreshed program icon
        - icarus: new program icon
        - Game Boy Advance: slight emulation speedup over v104
        - Game Boy Advance: synchronize APU FIFO updates better
        - Mega Drive: added automatic region detection [hex_usr]
        - Mega Drive: support 8-bit SRAM
        - Game Boy Advance: fixed bug when changing to THUMB mode via MSR
        - Master System: fix bug in backdrop color and background 0 priority
        - Mega Drive: backgrounds always update output priority bit [Cydrak]
        - Mega Drive: emulated interlaced video output
        - Mega Drive: emulated shadow/highlight mode [Cydrak]
        - Super Famicom: auto joypad polling clears the shift register when
        - Super Famicom: added new low-entropy RAM initialization mode to more
          closely match hardware
        - Game Boy Advance: rumble will now time out after being left on for
        - ruby: improved rumble support in udev input driver [ma_rysia]
        - M68K: `move.b (a7)[+/-]` adjust a7 by two
        - M68K: illegal/lineA/lineF opcodes do not modify the stack register
        - Mega Drive: emulate VIP status bit
        - uPD7725: improved emulation of OV1/S1 flags [byuu, AWJ, Lord
        - uPD7725: improved handling of DP, RP updates [Jonas Quinn]
        - Super Famicom: improved emulation of mosaic effects in hires,
          interlace, and offset-per-tile modes [byuu, Cydrak]
        - ruby: improved Direct3D exclusive mode monitor selection [Cydrak]
        - Super Famicom: fixed save state bug affecting SuperFX games
        - Mega Drive: added workaround for Clang compiler bug; allowing this
          core to work on macOS [Cydrak, Sintendo]
        - higan: hotkeys now also trigger when the main window lacks focus yet
          higan is set to allow input on focus loss
        - higan: fixed an edge case where `int16_t`  `double` audio
          conversion could possibly result in overflows
        - higan: fixed a crash on macOS when choosing quit from the
          application menu [ncbncb]
      Changelog (since the previous WIP):
        - higan: restored `make console=true`
        - tomoko: if you allow input when main window focus is lost, hotkeys
          can now be triggered without focus as well
        - hiro/cocoa: fix crash on exit from menu [ncbncb]
        - ruby: smarter `double` → `int16_t` conversion to prevent
  5. 05 Oct, 2017 1 commit
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      Update to v104r17 release. · 9a13863a
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      byuu says:
        - processor/m68k: fix error in disassembler [Sintendo]
        - processor/m68k: work around Clang compiler bug [Cydrak, Sintendo]
      This is one of the shortest WIPs I've done, but I'm trying not to change
      anything before v105.
  6. 02 Oct, 2017 1 commit
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      Update to v104r16 release. · 5dbaec85
      Screwtape authored
      byuu says:
        - processor/upd96050: always potentially update S1 on ALU ops, sans NOP
            - theory by Lord Nightmare. I'm impartial on this one, but may as
              well match his design
        - sfc: fixed save state hang [reported by FitzRoy; fixed by Cydrak]
        - icarus: do not save settings.bml file when in library mode
  7. 29 Sep, 2017 2 commits
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      Update to v104r15 release. · 6524a718
      Screwtape authored
      byuu says:
        - processor/huc6280,mos6502,wdc65816: replaced abbreviated opcode
          names with descriptive names
        - nall: replaced `PLATFORM_MACOSX` define with `PLATFORM_MACOS`
        - icarus: added `Icarus::missing() -> string_vector` to list missing
          appended firmware files by name
        - ruby, hiro: fix macosx→macos references
      The processor instruction renaming was really about consistency with the
      other processor cores. I may still need to do this for one or two more
      The icarus change should allow a future release of the icarus
      application to import games with external SNES coprocessor firmware once
      again. It will also allow this to be possible when used in library mode.
  8. 24 Sep, 2017 1 commit
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      Update to v104r14 release. · fbc58c70
      Screwtape authored
      byuu says:
        - Emulator::Interface::videoResolution() -\> VideoResolution renamed
          to videoInformation() -\> VideoInformation
        - added double VideoInformation::refreshRate
        - higan: added `binary := (application|library)` — set this to
          `library` to produce a dynamic link library
        - higan: removed `-march=native` for macOS application builds; and for
          all library builds
        - higan: removed `console` build flag; uncomment  `link += -mwindows`
        - nall/GNUmakefile: `macosx` platform renamed `macos`
            - still need to do this for nall/intrinsics.hpp
        - Game Gear: return region=NTSC as the only option, so that the system
          frequency is always set correctly
        - hiro/cocoa: fixed typo [Sintendo]
        - hiro/Windows: removed GetDpiForMonitor, as it's Windows 8+ only; DPI
          is no longer per-monitor aware
        - icarus: core Icarus class now has virtual functions for
          directory::create, <file::exists>, <file::copy>, <file::write>
        - icarus: Sufami Turbo can import save RAM files now
        - icarus: setting `ICARUS_LIBRARY` define will compile icarus without
          main(), GUI components
        - ruby/video/Direct3D: choose the current monitor instead of top-left
          monitor for fullscreen exclusive [Cydrak]
        - ruby/video/Direct3D: do not set `WS_EX_TOPMOST` on fullscreen
          exclusive window [Cydrak]
            - this isn't necessary for exclusive mode, and it just makes
              getting out of the application more difficult
  9. 12 Sep, 2017 1 commit
  10. 09 Sep, 2017 2 commits
  11. 08 Sep, 2017 1 commit
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      Update to v104r13 release. · 1ff31583
      Screwtape authored
      byuu says:
        - nall/GNUmakefile: build=release changed to -O2, build=optimize is
          now -O3
        - hiro: added Monitor::dpi(uint index) → Position [returns logical
          DPI for x, y]
            - Position is a bad name, but dpi(monitor).(x,y)() make more sense
              than .(width,height)()
        - hiro: Position, Size, Geometry, Font changed from using signed int
          to float
        - hiro: Alignment changed from using double to float
        - hiro: added skeleton (unused) Application::scale(), setScale()
        - hiro/cocoa's Monitor::dpi() is untested. Probably will cause issues
          with macOS' automatic scaling.
        - hiro/gtk lacks a way to get both per-monitor and per-axis (x,y) DPI
        - hiro/qt lacks a way to get per-monitor DPI scaling (Qt 5.x has this,
          but I still use Qt 4.x)
            - and just to get global DPI, hiro/qt's DPI retrieval has to use
              undocumented functions ... fun
      The goal with this WIP was basically to prepare hiro for potential
      automatic scaling. It'll be extremely difficult, but I'm convinced that
      it must be possible if macOS can do it.
      By moving from signed integers to floats for coordinates, we can now
      scale and unscale without losing precision. That of course isn't the
      hard part, though. The hard part is where and how to do the scaling. In
      the ideal application, hiro/core and hiro/extension will handle 100% of
      this, and the per-platform hiro/(cocoa,gtk,qt,windows) will not be aware
      of what's going on, but ... to even make that possible, things will need
      to change in every per-platform core, eg the per-platform code will have
      to call a core function to change geometry, which will know about the
      scaling and unscale the values back down again.
      Gonna be a lot of work, but ... it's a start.
  12. 06 Sep, 2017 2 commits
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      Document the new Credits menu item. · 2e4cd098
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      Update to v104r12 release. · 4fb8ce28
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      byuu says:
        - higan: URLs updated to HTTPS
        - sfc/ppu/background: use hires/interlace/mosaic-adjusted X/Y
          coordinates for offset-per-tile mode
        - sfc/ppu/background: hires mosaic seems to advance pixel counter on
          subscreen pixels
        - tomoko: added “Help→Credits” menu option (currently the page does
          not exist; should before v105)
        - tomoko: reduced volume slider from {0% - 500%} to {0% - 200%}.
          Distortion is too intense above 200%.
            - technically, I've encountered distortion at 200% as well in
              Prince of Persia for the SNES
        - nall/run/invoke: use program path for working directory
            - allows you to choose “Library→Import ROMs” from a different
              directory on the command-line
      I don't know how to assign credit for the mosaic stuff. It's been a
      work-in-progress with me, Cydrak, and hex_usr.
      The current design should be correct, but very unpleasant. The code
      desperately needs to be refactored, but my recent attempt at doing so
      ended in spectacular failure.
  13. 05 Sep, 2017 1 commit
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      Update to v104r11 release. · 3dce3aa3
      Screwtape authored
      byuu says:
        - sfc/ppu/background: minor code cleanup and simplification
        - sfc/ppu/background: $2106 MOSAIC register was implemented
        - sfc/ppu/background: fixed mosaic effects in hires mode (temporary
        - sfc/ppu/background: fixed mosaic effects in interlace mode [Cydrak]
        - sfc/ppu/background/background.cpp:48: should be
          `if(!mosaic.enable) {`
      Turns out there is only one mosaic size, and the other four bits are
      per-BG mosaic enable. This matters a lot for hires/interlace, as
      mosaicSize=0 (2x2) is not the same thing as mosaicEnable=false (1x1).
      Although I've now implemented this, I really don't like how my mosaic
      implementation works right now. I tried to redesign the entire system,
      and completely failed. So I started over from v104r10 again and instead
      went with a more evolutionary improvement for now. I'll keep trying.
      Also, the combination of mosaic + offset-per-tile is still sketchy, as
      is mode 6 offset-per-tile. I'll get to those in the future as well.
  14. 01 Sep, 2017 2 commits
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      Update to v104r10 release. · 28060d3a
      Screwtape authored
      byuu says:
        - processor/upd96050: per manual errata note, SGN always uses SA1;
          never SB1 [fixes v104r09 regression]
        - processor/upd96050: new OV1/S1 calculation that doesn't require OV0
          history buffer [AWJ]
        - processor/upd96050: do not update DP in OP if DST=4 [Jonas Quinn]
        - processor/upd96050: do not update RP in OP if DST=5 [Jonas Quinn]
        - resource: recreated higan+icarus icons, higan logo as 32-bit PNGs
      So higan v104r08 and earlier were 930KiB for the source tarball. After
      creating new higan and icarus icons, the size jumped to 1090KiB, which
      was insane for only adding one additional icon.
      After digging into why, I discovered that ImageMagick defaults to
      64-bit!! (16-bits per channel) PNG images when converting from SVG.
      You know, for all those 16-bit per channel monitors that don't exist.
      Sigh. Amazingly, nobody ever noticed this.
      The logo went from 78.8KiB to 24.5KiB, which in turn also means the
      generated resource.cpp shrank dramatically.
      The old higan icon was 32-bit PNG, because it was created before I
      installed FreeBSD and switched to ImageMagick. But the new higan icon,
      plus the new icarus icon, were both 64-bit as well. And they're now
      So the new tarball size, thanks to the logo optimization, dropped to
      Cydrak had some really interesting results in converting higan's
      resources to 8-bit palletized PNGs with the tRNS extension for alpha
      transparency. It reduces the file sizes even more without much visual
      fidelity loss. Eg the higan logo uses 778 colors currently, and 256
      represents nearly all of it very well to the human eye. It's based off
      of only two colors, the rest are all anti-aliasing. Unfortunately,
      nall/image doesn't support this yet, and I didn't want to flatten the
      higan logo to not have transparency, in case I ever want to change the
      about screen background color.
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      Don't let gitlab cache .o files. · 9dcbd121
      Screwtape authored
      higan's makefiles don't always model dependencies properly, so caching
      .o files just invites stale .o files.
  15. 31 Aug, 2017 10 commits