Commit e28aa323 authored by Talarubi's avatar Talarubi

Fixed: Typo in SPC700 instruction table

Per Screwtape and Jonas Quinn, this fixes 魔獣王 (Majuu Ou)
hanging at the title.
parent a9571ff5
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ auto SPC700::instruction() -> void {
op(0x38, DirectImmediateModify, fp(AND))
op(0x39, IndirectXWriteIndirectY, fp(AND))
op(0x3a, DirectModifyWord, +1)
op(0x3b, DirectIndexedModify, fp(ROL), A)
op(0x3b, DirectIndexedModify, fp(ROL), X)
op(0x3c, ImpliedModify, fp(ROL), A)
op(0x3d, ImpliedModify, fp(INC), X)
op(0x3e, DirectRead, fp(CMP), X)
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