Commit c39ef913 authored by Screwtape's avatar Screwtape

Fully document the "no audio → too fast" problem.

parent f0cf1df4
......@@ -101,6 +101,9 @@ If games are running way too fast, here's some things to check:
- If you want the game to be silent,
tick "Mute Audio" in
[the Settings menu](interface/
- If you can't connect speakers or headphones to your computer,
you did but it didn't help,
try enabling the secret [video synchronization][vsync] option.
[vsync]: #i-see-tearing-when-a-game-scrolls-how-can-i-enable-vsync
......@@ -121,12 +121,11 @@ On Linux:
PulseAudio's OSS emulation,
or not work at all.
TODO: If the audio driver is set to None,
or you have no audio device,
Sync Audio does not work
and games will run in fast-forward
unless you enable Sync Video.
By default,
higan uses the audio driver to regulate its emulation speed.
If games run too faston your computer,
see [Games run too fast](../ in the FAQ.
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