Commit 6b8c003f authored by Screwtape's avatar Screwtape

Sufami Turbo carts are not memory paks!

parent 25bda4f1
......@@ -351,13 +351,13 @@ Importing the Sufami Turbo cartridge
is just like [importing a regular game](#regular-games).
Importing a mini-cartridge is like importing a regular game,
but the name of the memory pak file *must* end in `.st`
but the name of the mini-cartridge file *must* end in `.st`
(if it's in a `.zip` file,
that's OK,
but the name *inside* the `.zip` file
must end in `.st`)
in order for it to be successfully imported.
Sometimes memory pak filenames end in `(ST).sfc`,
Sometimes mini-cartridge filenames end in `(ST).sfc`,
which will make higan try to import them as
regular Super Famicom games,
and fail miserably.
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