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    Update to v103r20 release. · d5c09c9a
    Screwtape authored
    byuu says:
      - ruby/audio/xaudio2: ported to new ruby API
      - ruby/video/cgl: ported to new ruby API (untested, won't compile)
      - ruby/video/directdraw: ported to new ruby API
      - ruby/video/gdi: ported to new ruby API
      - ruby/video/glx: ported to new ruby API
      - ruby/video/wgl: ported to new ruby API
      - ruby/video/opengl: code cleanups
    The macOS CGL driver is sure to have compilation errors. If someone will
    post the compilation error log, I can hopefully fix it in one or two
    iterations of WIPs.
    I am unable to test the Xorg GLX driver, because my FreeBSD desktop
    video card drivers do not support OpenGL 3.2. If the driver doesn't
    work, I'm going to need help tracking down what broke from the older
    The real fun is still yet to come ... all the Linux-only drivers, where
    I don't have a single Linux machine to test with.
      - libco/fiber
      - libco/ucontext (I should really just delete this)
      - tomoko: hide main UI window when in exclusive fullscreen mode
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