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    Update to v102r22 release. · 8af3e4a6
    Screwtape authored
    byuu says:
      - higan: Emulator::Interface::videoSize() renamed to videoResolution()
      - higan: Emulator::Interface::rtcsync() renamed to rtcSynchronize()
      - higan: added video display rotation support to Video
      - GBA: substantially improved audio mixing
          - fixed bug with FIFO 50%/100% volume setting
          - now properly using SOUNDBIAS amplitude to control output
          - reduced quantization noise
          - corrected relative volumes between PSG and FIFO channels
          - both PSG and FIFO values cached based on amplitude; resulting in
            cleaner PCM samples
          - treating PSG volume=3 as 200% volume instead of 0% volume now
            (unverified: to match mGBA)
      - GBA: properly initialize ALL CPU state; including the vital
        prefetch.wait=1 (fixes Classic NES series games)
      - GBA: added video rotation with automatic key translation support
      - PCE: reduced output resolution scalar from 285x242 to 285x240
          - the extra two scanlines won't be visible on most TVs; and they
            make all other cores look worse
          - this is because all other cores output at 240p or less; so they
            were all receiving black bars in windowed mode
      - tomoko: added "Rotate Display" hotkey setting
      - tomoko: changed hotkey multi-key logic to OR instead of AND
          - left support for flipping it back inside the core; for those so
            inclined; by uncommenting one line in input.hpp
      - tomoko: when choosing Settings→Configuration, it will
        automatically select the currently loaded system
          - for instance, if you're playing a Game Gear game, it'll take you
            to the Game Gear input settings
          - if no games are loaded, it will take you to the hotkeys panel
      - WS(C): merged "Hardware-Vertical", "Hardware-Horizontal" controls
        into combined "Hardware"
      - WS(C): converted rotation support from being inside the core to
        using Emulator::Video
          - this lets WS(C) video content scale larger now that it's not
            bounded by a 224x224 square box
      - WS(C): added automatic key rotation support
      - WS(C): removed emulator "Rotate" key (use the general hotkey
        instead; I recommend F8 for this)
      - nall: added serializer support for nall::Boolean (boolean) types
          - although I will probably prefer the usage of uint1 in most cases
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