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    Update to v105 release. · f8e71b50
    Screwtape authored
    byuu says:
    This release provides several major improvements to Mega Drive emulation
    which enhances compatibility a good deal. It also includes important
    Super Famicom mosaic emulation improvements, plus a much-needed SuperFX
    save state issue fix.
    Changelog (since v104):
      - higan: many improvements to Emulator::Interface to support
      - higan: refreshed program icon
      - icarus: new program icon
      - Game Boy Advance: slight emulation speedup over v104
      - Game Boy Advance: synchronize APU FIFO updates better
      - Mega Drive: added automatic region detection [hex_usr]
      - Mega Drive: support 8-bit SRAM
      - Game Boy Advance: fixed bug when changing to THUMB mode via MSR
      - Master System: fix bug in backdrop color and background 0 priority
      - Mega Drive: backgrounds always update output priority bit [Cydrak]
      - Mega Drive: emulated interlaced video output
      - Mega Drive: emulated shadow/highlight mode [Cydrak]
      - Super Famicom: auto joypad polling clears the shift register when
      - Super Famicom: added new low-entropy RAM initialization mode to more
        closely match hardware
      - Game Boy Advance: rumble will now time out after being left on for
      - ruby: improved rumble support in udev input driver [ma_rysia]
      - M68K: `move.b (a7)[+/-]` adjust a7 by two
      - M68K: illegal/lineA/lineF opcodes do not modify the stack register
      - Mega Drive: emulate VIP status bit
      - uPD7725: improved emulation of OV1/S1 flags [byuu, AWJ, Lord
      - uPD7725: improved handling of DP, RP updates [Jonas Quinn]
      - Super Famicom: improved emulation of mosaic effects in hires,
        interlace, and offset-per-tile modes [byuu, Cydrak]
      - ruby: improved Direct3D exclusive mode monitor selection [Cydrak]
      - Super Famicom: fixed save state bug affecting SuperFX games
      - Mega Drive: added workaround for Clang compiler bug; allowing this
        core to work on macOS [Cydrak, Sintendo]
      - higan: hotkeys now also trigger when the main window lacks focus yet
        higan is set to allow input on focus loss
      - higan: fixed an edge case where `int16_t`  `double` audio
        conversion could possibly result in overflows
      - higan: fixed a crash on macOS when choosing quit from the
        application menu [ncbncb]
    Changelog (since the previous WIP):
      - higan: restored `make console=true`
      - tomoko: if you allow input when main window focus is lost, hotkeys
        can now be triggered without focus as well
      - hiro/cocoa: fix crash on exit from menu [ncbncb]
      - ruby: smarter `double` → `int16_t` conversion to prevent
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