1. 16 May, 2012 2 commits
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      vagrant: Add task to create our squeeze basebox · aa541fd8
      Tails developers authored
      As we use Veewee to automate the creation of the basebox, we are forced to back
      up on the "do not execute Vagrant manually" stance. This is due to the fact that
      Veewee is quite hackish and itself calls `vagrant` directly. So we move our
      monkey-patching from the Rakefile to the Vagrantfile itself.
      In order to support an HTTP proxy, the `preseed.cfg` file that Veewee need is
      created beforehands in another Rake task. Proxies bound to localhost will
      result in a failure and an explicit error messages.
      Note: it is unfortunately not possible to use `definitions.rb` to add
      `mirror/http/proxy` to the installer command-line. As the defined proxy is
      set by network-preesed, it will prevent the installer from retrieving
      the preseed file provided by Veewee on a local interface.
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      vagrant: Start a Rakefile to drive builds · 39737699
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      Build based on Vagrant will be drived using `rake`. This has the
      definite advantage that we can easily isolate Vagrant related files
      in the `vagrant` subdirectory while providing an easy access to build
      This will also allow easier local customizations to Vagrant itself,
      as we will be able to mangle stuff in Rake before handing commands to Vagrant.
      The Rakefile currently only wraps a few Vagrant commands, it will be extended
      later on.
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      Build and install documentation into the chroot. · 4cb04c88
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      Rationale: our static website cannot be copied to a FAT32 filesystem
      due to filenames being too long. Changing this would be a pain.
      Hence building and installing it into the chroot (-> filesystem.squashfs)
      rather than into the binary_local-includes (-> iso9660 / FAT32 filesystem).
      This means the documentation cannot be browsed offline from outside Tails.
      However, our installer creates GPT hidden partitions, so the doc would not be
      browseable from outside Tails anyway. The only usecase we really break by doing
      so is browsing the documentation while running a non-Tails system, from a Tails
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      more improvements on boot time from CD · 2fdfe20a
      amnesia authored
       * Move boot profiler execution from runlevel S to initramfs to also gather
         files used during those many `live-bottom` scripts.
       * Make the boot profiler provide a ready to use sort list, now in
       * Implement readahead. That needs real world tests before deciding if it's
         actually an improvment.
       * Backport bootchart from Ubuntu to get accurate measurements. Binary packages
         needs to be manually copied to be used.
       * Update sort list.
       * Update documentation.
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