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......@@ -55,6 +55,7 @@ _Nota bene_:
> Any idea?
>> I don't like the idea that this script being defaults, as I fear
>> that the information that it discloses give the machine model.
> 3. Should this be an option provided in the GUI? If yes, opt-in or
> opt-out? I believe we should make this the default, not provide
> any way to disable it, but warn the user about it and display
......@@ -62,5 +63,6 @@ _Nota bene_:
>> As a result of comment in #2, I would prefere an option in the
>> GUI, and preferabily an opt-in. But it could be answered that the
>> mail will be encrypted and on opt-out could not be *so* bad...
> 4. What would be the files to copy on Debian instead of the Gentoo's
> `/etc/sysconfig/*`?
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