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[[!tag todo/discuss]]
Further to the recent bug "Iceweasel exposes a rare User-Agent" linked
to Debian bug #595375, could a user-agent changer plugin be
incorporated into iceweasel?
......@@ -8,3 +10,10 @@ plugin and has worked well for me.
Changing your user-agent and using tor's change identify is a very
easy way of altering your profile across websites.
> It is an easy way to alter your profile in a manner that makes your
> connection look unusual. Using T(A)ILS you are already leaking the
> fact you are using Tor. Being "yet another Tor user", using the same
> User-Agent as any other torbutton user, seems to me the best way not
> to be singled out as "well, here's a Tor user with a unusual
> User-Agent".
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