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......@@ -24,17 +24,21 @@ Chapter 1: [[Kim, the surveilled at home|blueprint/personas#kim]]
- Windows camouflage
- *emmapeel: kim would have liked windows camouflage*
- Institutionalized
- *u: "that has been institutionalized" -> do you mean s/he has been in psychiatry ?*
- *emmapeel: i think in this context institutionalized could also be
on an orphanage*
- Bitcoin
- *emmapeel: to have his own savings outside of the institution*
- *emmapeel: its on my private idaho*
- *emmapeel: specially if kim is underage, they are not going to let
him handle his savings*
- Alison
- Ask Alison from Tor about the story she told emmapeel and sajolida.
- Feeling normal
- *masha: I dislike the "Kim wants to feel normal", I'd rather put
"feel safe"*
......@@ -45,12 +49,14 @@ Chapter 1: [[Kim, the surveilled at home|blueprint/personas#kim]]
closed doors.*
- *masha: maybe the point is that "normal" leaves way too much room
for interpretation*
- Homeless
- *emmapeel: i just want to say that a very high percentage of
homeless youth in the world is queer. they get kicked out from home
for being queer*
- *emmapeel: but the gay kids go on the streets and they get
- Computer room
- *u: i think the Kim persona sounds very stressful (limited time,
mentor surveillance...). and surveilled at home can be much less
......@@ -63,6 +69,7 @@ Chapter 1: [[Kim, the surveilled at home|blueprint/personas#kim]]
- *u: that could be an option (trusted friend's computer)*
- *emmapeel: if kim has no computer, and uses a computer of a friend,
is good to have tails...*
- Too many threats
- *u: Kim's case has two angles: the surveillance at home by mentors
and peers, and the sharia in nigeria as well as internet censorship*
......@@ -82,14 +89,17 @@ Chapter 1: [[Kim, the surveilled at home|blueprint/personas#kim]]
things as well*
- *sajolida: so remove their societal and State oppression and stick to
the domestic oppression*
- Religious family
- *sajolida: Kim could be gay in a super religious US family for
- *u: fine with me, yes, gay/trans in a religious family in any
fanatic religious family.*
- Transsexual
- *spriver: (how about transsexual, that'd be me)*
- *emmapeel: yeah if you are trans you also have to get out*
- Resources
- <>
- <>
......@@ -97,3 +107,5 @@ Chapter 1: [[Kim, the surveilled at home|blueprint/personas#kim]]
- <>
- <>
- *spriver: I can share a bit of my story though*
- *groente: u: ah, a friend of mine is working on lgbt rights in
uganda iirc, i can ask her for contacts*
......@@ -76,4 +76,60 @@ outside of Tails".
Chapter 2: [[Cris, the sensitive information gatherer|personas#cris]]
XXX: sajolida will add notes here.
- Public opinion
- *u: I would formulate this sentence differently: "Turn public opinion against these people."
maybe "inform the public about the wrongdoings of these people"*
- *u: well, i just realize the previous sentence is a bit similar*
- *u: maybe "make it possible to legally accuse these people / put
them in front of a court" ?*
- Pseudonym
- *intrigeri: something is not clear to me: Cris is a journalist who
publishes under a pseudonym, right? I have no clue how common
practice it is. Have you?*
- *sajolida: i agree with you. maybe Cris is working under their
realname and hiding what they are working on only until it's
- *intrigeri: indeed, that would relate to many more real-life cases
I'm aware of but I don't know the press world well.*
- Refugee
- *u: as cris is a mexican refugee i'm unsure how they can enter
- *sajolida: i used "refugee" but i think that Cris might just be too
scared to live in Mexico (bad stuff happens there to journalists)
but not legally prohibited to enter Mexico*
- *intrigeri: s/is Mexican refugee/is a Mexican refugee/*
- *u: ok, then maybe we shoudl use another word than refugee?
- *sajolida: ok for replacing "refugee" (we'll find a better word
- Hide information about myself
- *drebs: why is "hide information about myself" different from "hide
my identity"?*
- *u: i think hiding your identity is basically only about your name
while information about yourself can be many other things like where
you live, where you currently are etc.*
- *sajolida: under "hide information about myself" we also put
location for example*
- Too extreme
- *intrigeri: my "raw subjectivity" comment: it's an important persona
and one of the things we know at least some people use for. It's an
extreme/minority one though. Thankfully the other personas balance
things so the draft set of personas does not err to far on the
"Tails for 2000 people" side :)*
- *intrigeri: (because there's so many life/death threats on the same
person & relationships)*
- *sajolida: but Cris could also be anybody carrying sensitive
information across borders for example*
- *u: but cris need not be a journalist, they can be a human rights
advocate, diplomat, doctor*
- *u: i don't think this persona is extreme, but it's maybe more
- Resources
- <>
- Gaby Weber is a German journalist and has researched quite a bit on
nazi past in Argentina, involving Mercedes Benz. She uses Tails.
[[!meta title="May 2018 online meeting"]]
[[!meta title="July 2018 online meeting"]]
[[!toc levels=2]]
......@@ -41,3 +41,139 @@ back into it, but let's see
- groente: will see emmapeel at tbd and will be busy with weblate and
daily sysadmin shifts in the next weeks, apart from that i'm pretty
# Gather comments on our draft personas
Chapter 3: [[Riou, the protest organizer|personas#riou]]
- Servers and censorship
- *u: In order to publish this information they use websites which are
not in the country, so that the government cannot shut them down. →
we should write "not hosted on servers within the country"*
- *u: Although they take photos and videos of the protests and try to
publish this information on websites which are censored within the
country. → this sentence is a bit unclear*
- Country & context
- *groente: i find it hard to comment because i know close to nothing
about the local context there*
- *groente: i would argue for choosing another country where we do
actually know the local context and can make a realistic persona*
- *groente: idk, sofar it reads rather emea-minded (Europe &
- *sajolida: maybe i should have a look at a list of hard-core
censorship countries or ask OONI for countries/contextes and maybe
even contacts*
- *groente: would turkey be a good alternative?*
- *sajolida: Iran would be another easy choice*
- *u:
or this*
- Umbrella movement
- *sajolida: by the way, is the Umbrella movement still a thing?
should we made it more movement-agnostic?*
- *u: no it's not a thing anymore*
- Streaming
- *u: They got to get it online as soon as it's produced on sociadia
and they also want to stream the protest and speeches. → They got
to get it online and on social media as soon as it's produced. They
also want to stream the protest and speeches.*
- *emmapeel: this picture taking and streaming sounds a bit
temerarious i think....*
- *nodens: "They also want to stream the protest and speeches" ->
isn't "stream" a bit misleading ? I doubt they'd try to do it live
(if they want to do that, that would probably be both difficult and
- *u: maybe "record" and later publish would be better*
- *nodens: (the "record then publish" doesn't change the goal)*
- Device during the protest
- *emmapeel: yes yes i see riou could do with a little hideout with
good connection, where the protestors will go ad give their memory
- *sajolida: it's unclear to me with what device their take pictures
and record, since they also leave their phones at home: are they
using dedicates phone? other people's phone? offline cameras?*
- *u: yeah maybe we need to say that they actually do use their phones
or that they use a video camera*
- *nodens: I would say any of those three, I don't think this has any
influence on the challenges - or rather, the challenges seem
irrelevant in tails context*
- *emmapeel: maybe riou wants to have some hidden camera o their
- Work before and after the protest
- *sajolida: so their work with Tails could only occur before or after
the protests, right?*
- *u: yes, or in some press center*
- *sajolida: so maybe we should get into more details regarding the
preparation and follow up of the protest, and leave aside the
technical details of their opsec during the protest, no?*
- *u: sajolida: like at G20 people had such a press center → but this
event would be too controversial to make into a persona*
- *emmapeel: riou eeds backups too, for the team to share the
different pictures like a mediagoblin or something*
- *emmapeel: if the organizers communicate stealthily, maybe they can
share the pictures with onionshare*
- *emmapeel: maybe they have one of those canon cameras with hacked
firmware and can encrypt the pictures when they are taken, just i
case they get caught*
- Help other with censorship
- *nodens: maybe another goal: "I want people to be able to easily
access censored information" ? Or is that not part of the persona ?*
- *sajolida: i think that Riou might be the kind of person has also
helps other access censored information*
- *nodens: the phrasing would probably need to be refined but the idea
is that it is probably important for Kim that people in her/his
county can read the infromation*
- *sajolida: at least they are trying to spread censored information
within their country*
- *sajolida: so maybe Riou gives out Tails sticks during the
- *nodens: yeah or advertises about Tails at least*
- *nodens: or organises workshops during the protest :D*
- *sajolida: or gives out outreach material or translate Tails into
their language, etc.*
- *nodens: (but that would be probably dangerous too. You don't want
to bring a laptop to this protest I guess)*
- *groente: maybe riou runs a clandestine private bridge and wants to
share this with fellow protesters?*
- *nodens: also, printed material (user manual for instance)*
- *nodens: Oh I got a new one - "I want to know which websites are
censored in country" (a job for ONII Probe)*
- Technical level
- *emmapeel: mahybe she is studying computer science*
- *u: normal → power user i think*
- *u: yeah, they are the more techie ones i think and have had a blog
before and used twitter*
- *sajolida: Riou look like one of these people we meet at the IFF,
well versed in anti-censorship tools and advocacy but without being
a Linux hacker either*
- *emmapeel: riou will have a mac then! :S*
- *sajolida: and likes glitter*
- *u: and a apfelphone :)*
- *nodens: "I want to be able to type without external keyboard on my
Mac computer while using tails" ? ;)*
- Relationship with the press
- *sajolida: does Riou work with journalists in their country? or the
"we do our stuff and never talk to the press" kind of protesters?*
- *nodens: I'd say Riou might want to communicate anonymously with the
- *groente: answering that really requires knowledge of the local
- *sajolida: are they only pushing stuff to the press or are they
collaborating more with them?*
- *u: i think they work with journalists. but if that protest was the
G20 or some anticoal event in Germany, they would not*
- *emmapeel: i think riou and her comrades should create a fictional
character that talks with the press*
- *emmapeel: maybe they work with international journalists, like from
the guardian but not the ones in HongKong*
- Resources
- *groente: i can ask the folks at hivos/ddp if they have any contacts
in hong kong that could have a look at the persona*
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