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[[!meta title="May 2015 online meeting"]]
[[!toc levels=1]]
# Volunteers to handle "[Hole in the roof](" tickets this month
adamb will look into Vagrant issues.
# Availability and plans for monthly low-hanging fruits meeting
Six of us will try, to various degrees, to make it.
# Claws Mail leaks cleartext of encrypted email to the IMAP server
## Security advisory synopsis
All those who commented found the synopsis on [[!tails_ticket 9161]]
great. It has a few issues, though, that intrigeri reported on the
ticket (note 9).
## [[!tails_ticket 9303 desc="Consider proposing POP instead of IMAP by default"
We agreed that this would be good, if we can preconfigure it to not
delete messages from the server by default (which makes sense
especially in an amnesic live system).
sajolida will investigate if we can do that.
## [[!tails_ticket 9302 desc="Consider shipping claws-mail 3.10.1-2~bpo70+1"]]
We agreed that doing this is useless, given cleartext email will be
sent to the server's Queue folder anyway, unless manual configuration
is done.
And while we're at it, we're also going to reject [[!tails_ticket 8305]].
## [[!tails_ticket 9298 desc="How much do we want Tor Browser's per-tab circuit view?"]]
For most applications (e.g. Pidgin, but not Claws Mail), Vidalia
currently displays DOMAIN:PORT information for each circuit.
But according to the screenshots on [[!tails_ticket 6842]], once we
replace Vidalia with Tor Monitor, we'll only have IP:PORT information,
that most users won't be able to correlate with their web
browsing activity.
But we're not there yet. So, for the moment we'll simply keep Tor
Browser's per-tab circuit view disabled, on the grounds that this info
is already available in Vidalia.
And later, some of us will argue that when we replace Vidalia with Tor
Monitor, in order to avoid a UX regression, either we ship Tor
Browser's per-tab circuit view (and go through a complicated security
analysis thereof), or we have Tor Monitor display the DOMAIN:PORT
information like Vidalia does. That was suggested on [[!tails_ticket
Also note that the security analysis isn't only about Tor Browser's
per-tab circuit view. It's also about Tor Monitor, Vidalia, retrieving
info via the X protocol, and what practical attacks one can conduct
with the full circuits/streams info in hand. anonym will file tickets
about it.
# [[!tails_ticket 9277 desc="Research BitTorrent trackers we could use"]]
The open tracker we're using currently has difficulties handling the
load and costs. It's been proposed to use
instead, but there are many unknowns about it, and some of us would
like to support the tracker we've been using forever. So, we've
decided to *add* to the list of trackers in
our torrents for a couple releases, and then see => [[!tails_ticket
# [[!tails_ticket 7912 desc="Non-US keyboard layout selected with Greeter sometimes is not active when logged in"]]
This bug has an easy workaround, it seems that it doesn't affect
Tails/Jessie, and it doesn't seem easy to fix. So we decided to simply
flag it as resolved in the 4.0 milestone, and add it to known issues
for Wheezy (along with the trivial workaround when it happens) if it's
not there yet. BitingBird will do the latter ([[!tails_ticket 9336]]).
# Create tickets to track UX regressions caused by AppArmor
Frontdesk sees a lot of user despair that's possibly related to
AppArmor, and most importantly, to the fact that no notification tells
users that AppArmor is blocking things. OTOH, developers got very very
few actionable bug reports on this topic, so it's hard to create
useful tickets about it. intrigeri will investigate installing
[[!debpkg apparmor-notify]] to provide notifications on AppArmor
denials, which should alleviate the most pressing UX problems:
[[!tails_ticket 9337]].
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