Commit ca693a42 authored by spriver's avatar spriver

Added XMPP channel

parent 5d0fbc67
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ User experience
- XXX: Move #tails to XMPP
- Our channel #tails for user support moved from IRC to [[XMPP|xmpp://]]. For further details read our [[support page|support]].
- The new mirror pool is now used by Tails Upgrader, by users who download Tails without using our Download And Verification Extension for Firefox (aka. DAVE), for any download that is not supported by DAVE (e.g. release candidates), and for downloads started from a web browser that has JavaScript disabled. So, in summary two of the use cases of this work are covered already, and only the "downloading with DAVE" use case is left to complete. As of May 31st we now have 36 active mirrors.
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