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Explain how to empty the trash

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......@@ -82,6 +82,25 @@ Wipe](
<a id="clean_disk_space"></a>
Emptying the trash
Before considering [[securely cleanly the available space on a
disk|secure_deletion#index5h1]], make sure to empty the trash.
1. Open *Nautilus*, either from the <span class="guimenu">Places</span> menu or
the <span class="guilabel">Computer</span> icon on the desktop.
1. Click on the disk on which you want to empty the trash in the left
pane to navigate to the root of this disk.
1. Choose <span class="menuchoice"><span
class="guimenu">View</span>&nbsp;▸ <span class="guimenuitem">Show hidden
files</span></span> to show hidden files.
1. Delete the <span class="filename">.Trash-1000</span> folder or
Securely clean available disk space
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