Commit a36f0e52 authored by sajolida's avatar sajolida

Be affirmative (#7076)

This sometimes make sentences shorter (like in this first sentence) or
sometimes removes ambiguity (like in this second sentence with 'can').
parent 2091c939
......@@ -15,9 +15,9 @@ Tails does not protect against compromised hardware, BIOS or firmware attacks
If the computer has been compromised by someone having physical access
to it and who installed untrusted pieces of hardware (like a
keylogger), then it might not be safe to use Tails.
keylogger), then it might unsafe to use Tails.
Tails can also not protect against BIOS or firmware attacks. Those are
It is also impossible for Tails to protect against BIOS or firmware attacks. Those are
not managed by the operating system, and in practice they function
like hardware.
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