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git clone
See the [[release process|release_process/iceweasel]].
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[[!toc levels=2]]
New Firefox release
If Iceweasel was not updated to match the new Firefox release we want,
a bit more work is needed.
* Download the Firefox tarball and detached signature.
* Check the signature.
* Extract the tarball.
* `cd` into the extracted directory.
* Copy the `debian/` directory from our previous package into the new
upstream source directory.
* Use `dch` to add a `debian/changelog` entry matching the new
upstream version.
* Download and repack the other tarballs:
make -f debian/rules download
* `cd` into our Iceweasel Git directory.
* Checkout the `tails/master` branch.
* Get yourself a new upstream branch:
git branch -d upstream && \
git branch upstream tails/master
* Trick the tarball importer to import the correct version:
cp mozilla-esr17/browser/config/version.txt git/browser/config/
cp mozilla-esr17/debian/changelog git/debian/
* Import the new upstream release into the `upstream` branch:
make -f debian/rules import
* Merge the import commit into `tails/master`:
git reset --hard && \
git checkout tails/master && \
git merge upstream
* Get the `debian` directory back:
git checkout HEAD^ -- debian
git commit -m 'Get Debian packaging directory back.'
* Cleanup quilt status:
rm -rf .pc
* Apply all quilt patches:
quilt push -a
New iceweasel release
FIXME: add missing steps to merge iceweasel's updated Git if possible,
to import the source package into Git else.
Update Torbrowser patches
* Make sure all quilt patches are applied.
* Unapply all Torbrowser patches: use `quilt pop` as many times
as needed.
* Remove all Torbrowser patches from the series:
quilt unapplied | xargs -n 1 quilt delete
* Remove Torbrowser patches from Git:
git rm -r debian/patches/torbrowser/
* Commit.
* Import the latest TBB patches:
for patch in $(\ls --reverse ${TBB_SRC}/src/current-patches/firefox/*.patch) ; do
p=$(basename "$patch")
quilt import -P "torbrowser/$p" "$patch"
git add debian/patches/torbrowser
TBB_COMMIT=$(git --git-dir=$TBB_SRC/.git rev-parse HEAD)
git commit -a -m "Import Torbrowser patches at commit ${TBB_COMMIT}."
* Remove from the quilt series, using `quilt delete`, the Torbrowser
patches we don't want: see `debian/changelog` for the list of
patches skipped last time, see the TBB Git log to make your opinion
about new or updated patches, use common sense. Commit with
a message explaining your decisions.
* Apply Torbrowser patches:
quilt push -a && git commit -a -m 'Apply Torbrowser patches.'
Our Iceweasel release process is quite complicated and hard to guess.
We should document it.
We should complete our [[existing
documentation|contribute/release_process/iceweasel]] about it.
[[!tag todo/documentation]]
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