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Mid-October, we started our donation campaign by explaining [[why we need
donations|news/2018-fundraiser]]. We then described [[the achievements of
2018|news/achievements_in_2018]] made possible by your donations. Today, we're
unveiling our plans for 2019.
unveiling our plans for 2019. If you like them, please take the time to
So far the donation campaign has shown an important increase in numbers
of donors: +61%. This is what we were asking for and it is the
......@@ -25,8 +26,7 @@ large one-time bitcoins donations is not ideal either.
Being backed by a large number of people making smaller but
steadily repeated donations is on the long term the best situation we
can dream of. After learning about our plans for 2019, if you want to
support them, please take the time to donate.
can dream of.
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