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[[!meta title="Media appearances in 2015"]]
* 2015-11-12: [Edward Snowden Explains How To Reclaim Your Privacy]( by Micah Lee in The Intercept
* 2015-11-06: [Surf Like Snowden: Lebanon Libraries Offering Privacy-Friendly Flash Drives]( by Maggie Cassidy in the Valley News.
* 2015-11-06: [Five hours with Edward Snowden]( by the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, in which Tails is listed in "Snowden’s top 5 secure programs".
* 2015-10-29: [Découvrez Tails et protégez vos communications et votre navigation]( by Aline Hof in Linux Pratique (in French)
* 2015-10-17: [Tails: Gizlilik ve güvenlik]( by İsmail Gökhan Bayram in Evrensel (in Turkish).
* 2015-08-04: [Cinq systèmes d’exploitation pour snober Windows 10 (et Mac OS)]( by Damien Leloup in Le Monde (in French).
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* 2015-07-14: [Chatting in Secret While We're All Being Watched]( by Micah Lee in The Intercept.
* 2015-07: [Full Circle magazine]( by Ronnie Tucker (in French)
* 2015-06-20: In [The state of encryption tools, 2 years after Snowden
Patrick Howell O'Neill from the Daily Dot studies the adoption rate of
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* 2016-02-11: [Tails installer is now in Debian] in
* Early 2016, several articles covered the release of Tails 2.0:
- 2016-01-14: [Tails Linux 2.0 est disponible en version finale]( by Vincent Hermann in (in French)
- 2016-01-19: [Tails, une distribution pour votre anonymat]( by pamputt in (in French)
- 2016-01-27: [Tails 2.0: Das Anonymisierungs-OS im neuen Look]( by Fabian A. Scherschel in heise (in German).
- 2016-01-27: [Edward Snowden's OS of choice gets a major update]( by Steve Dent in engadget.
- 2016-02-03: [Die Linux-Distribution zum sicheren Surfen neu aufgelegt]( by Jürgen Donauer in (in German).
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