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Add blueprint for logo contest with initial proposals

parent 14f82326
[[!meta title="Logo contest"]]
We are running a contest for designers to create a new logo for Tails. See the
full description of the content in our [[blog post|news/logo_contest]].
Some more brainstorming and ideas can also be found in our [Redmine
Here are the proposals we received so far, and their status regarding our
[[!img andrew.png link="no"]]
- [Complete concept with other proposals](
- TODO: Clarify the font license.
[[!img carmie.png link="no"]]
- [SVG source](
- TODO: Ask for a "Tails" typography.
[[!img gareth-purple.png link="no"]]
[[!img gareth-yellow.png link="no"]]
- [PDF source](
- TODO: Confirm the color palette.
- TODO: Clarify the font license.
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