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Document test suite known issue and workaround.

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......@@ -96,6 +96,22 @@ If you have AppArmor enabled:
If you use a custom `TMPDIR` to run the test suite,
replace `/tmp/TailsToaster` with the value of that `$TMPDIR`.
Known issues
## System under test freezes when creating a persistent volume
If the host system runs Debian Stretch, due to [[!tails_ticket 12142]]
aka. [[!debbug 851694]], any test scenario that creates a persistent
volume will fail. To work around this problem, rebuild [[!debpts
qemu]] locally with the upstream fix applied. For example, the `qemu`
source package in this APT suite has the fix:
deb-src isotester-stretch main
This problem does not affect host systems that run Debian Buster
or newer.
Special use cases
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