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Remove steps about building Torbutton from our release notes.

We now ship the one bundled in the Tor Browser.
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......@@ -123,7 +123,6 @@ Then see the relevant release processes:
* [[perl5lib]]
* [[persistence-setup]]
* [[tails-iuk]]
* [[Torbutton]]
* whisperback:
* follow [upstream release process](
* build a Debian package
[[!meta title="Releasing Torbutton"]]
[[!toc levels=1]]
Update the Debian package
Add a remote with upstream repository if not already done:
$ git remote add upstream-remote
Verify the new upstream tag:
git tag -v <version>
Merge the new upstream tag:
git checkout upstream
git merge <version>
git tag upstream/<version>
Merge `upstream` branch to `master` branch:
git checkout master
git merge upstream/<version>
Update `debian/changelog`:
git-dch -N <version>-1
(Do not forget to set the appropriate release.)
Commit the changelog:
git commit debian/changelog -m "$(head -n 1 debian/changelog | sed -e 's,).*,),')"
Build a new Debian package:
If everything is fine, tag the release and push the changes:
git-buildpackage --git-tag-only --git-sign-tags
git push && git push --tags
Add the Debian package to Tails
Sign the package:
dupload --to tails $CHANGES_FILE
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